The Bilbao Incommensurate Structures Database


This open database is part of the Bilbao Crystallographic Server. At present it officially compiles the modulated structures published in the IUCr journals. The implementation of the first version of the database is due to E. Tasci (Physics Eng. Department, Hacettepe University, Turkey) and the first records were collected and manually transferred to the CIF format by G. Madariaga and J. M. Pérez Mato (Department of Physics, UPV / EHU), and Z. Izaola (IMH, School of Dual Engineering, UPV / EHU).

The main developer of this version is J. Gabirondo-López (Department of Physics, UPV / EHU), with the collaboration of L. Elcoro (Department of Physics, UPV / EHU), G. Madariaga, E. Tasci and the former student C. Ezquerro.