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Generators and General Positions

This program permits the access to the generators and the general positions for a given plane group. The plane groups are specified by their number as given in the International Tables for Crystallography, Vol. A. You can give this number if you know it, or you can choose it from the table with the plane group numbers and symbols if you click on the button [choose it].

To select between the generators or general positions as an output data just mark one of the corresponding checkboxes.

If you want to see the generators or the general positions on a non conventional setting, click on [Non conventional setting]. This will show a form where you should give the transformation matrix relating the conventional setting of the group you have chosen with the non conventional one you are interested in.

If you need the conventional data, just click on [Conventional setting]].

[Table of Plane Groups Symbols] [Wyckoff positions]

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