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Wyckoff Positions of the 3D Crystallographic Point Group C4h(4/m)

MultiplicityLetterSite SymmetryCoordinates
8 c 1 (x,y,z) (-x,-y,z) (-y,x,z) (y,-x,z) (-x,-y,-z) (x,y,-z) (y,-x,-z) (-y,x,-z)
4 b m.. (x,y,0) (-x,-y,0) (-y,x,0) (y,-x,0)
2 a 4.. (0,0,z) (0,0,-z)
1 o 4/m.. (0,0,0)

Wyckoff position and site symmetry group of a specific point

Specify the point by its relative coordinates (in fractions or decimals)
Variable parameters (x,y,z) are also accepted
x =      y =      z =

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